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How does a GPS tracking device help me if someone tries to steal my car?

Advanced GPS tracking devices like TOGO THE VEHICLE GUARD have stronger alert systems. The owner of the car gets alert in the form of a Phone Call if anyone tries to even open the car door. This gives the owners peace of mind and a feeling of control because an SMS can skip your attention but a cloud would always alert you on time.

How costly is GPSGuard?

Considering the fact that TOGO The Vehicle Guard is the best GPS vehicle tracking system in Chandigarh,Mohali,panchkula and in India, it is not at all costly. The fact that every single aspect and part of TOGO The Vehicle Guardis developed and manufactured in India makes it the best example of economical GPS Tracking devices that are loaded with features. TOGO The Vehicle Guard brings with it the trust of BlackBox Technology who are the first ones to get a patent in GPS Tracking technology and are known for producing the best anti-theft car tracking devices.

How can I Track my car online?

Web based GPS vehicle tracking system play a vital role in tracking various vehicles or cars and it also provides real-time location of your your car. TogoGuard provides a comprehensive Anti -Vehicle and anti-car Theft solution in Punjab, Chandigarh and Mohali and is India’s only patented GPS device with an innovative web “https://www.togoguard.in/ and mobile based application named ‘Togo The Vehicle Guard’ for both Android and IOS platform. This solution is considered to be one of the best GPS tracking platform in India. Benefits of this application include the following: Real Time Location of Vehicle, single screen Digitization: e-bills, e-trip sheets, receipts Anti Car/Tyre Theft Call alerts on mobile. Real time information on Speed and trip summary. Geo fence / Geo boundary Panic Alerts: Send panic alerts in case of emergencies, Fuel Monitoring and Checking of Children driving behaviour.

How can I protect my car from thefts?

Unfortunately, nowadays, car thefts are increasing at an alarming rate with no clue to the police in the majority of the cases. Means once your car gets stolen rarely you can get it back. But fortunately, TOGO The Vehicle Guard has solved the problem with its unique and India’s first Anti car theft call alert feature. With the help of this feature as soon as anyone attempts to steal your car , GPS Vehicle tracking device TOGO The Vehicle Guard will give you a call alert and you can save your car from theft.

Can vehicle Tyre thefts be prevented?

Definitely, tyre thefts can be prevented. Your mobile will receive an instant call from TOGO The Vehicle Guard in case of tyre theft attempt with its feature of anti- tyre theft call alert. This is the unique feature only provided by TOGO The Vehicle Guard in India to ensure the safety of your vehicle’s wheels.

Which is the best GPS car tracking device/system in Chandigarh, Punjab?

Although there are a number of car tracking devices available in the market, TOGO The Vehicle Guard is the only one to rely upon. With its versatile car safety features it has earned a satisfied clientele. Along with car tracking feature it also offers features like : Anti theft call alert| anti tyre theft call alert | vehicle immobilizer | Fuel Monitoring | High speed alerts| School Bus Tracking System etc to provide comprehensive car tracking and safety.

Can I get information about my children driving behaviour?

Answer to this question is yes !!!!! You can easily monitor the driving behaviour of your children with TOGO The Vehicle Guard driving check features viz: Live speed monitoring , Distance travelled, trip summary and over speed alarm. You can get detailed reports of your children’s driving and can ensure their safety.

Is TOGO THE VEHICLE GUARD provides School Bus Tracking System?

Yes, TOGO THE VEHICLE GUARD also deals with providing the best GPS School bus tracking system in Chandigarh, Mohali , Panchkula , Delhi (NCR), Lucknow and India. With this feature parents can track the live location of their children. Parents will get the mobile alerts about when their children board the school bus, where the school bus stops and when it reaches the school and finally when children reach back home.

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